Seep (by Peter Loughran)

Product Description

The Effect:

  • The performer borrows 2 playing cards (no force required) and asks the spectator to fold one card in half long ways, and to fold the other card in half sideways.
  • The performer then places the first card folded long ways inside the card folded sideways.
  • Both cards can be seen nested together, yet something strange begins to happen the card folded long ways begins to melt and seep right through the center of the other folded card.
  • Both cards are then immediately opened up to show they are still completely intact. The two cards are then handed out for examination and for the spectator to keep.

About this trick:

  • Seep can be performed with 2 normal borrowed playing cards.
  • There is no force required.
  • You can use any deck or brand of cards.
  • The borrowed cards are normal and can be handed out for examination after the illusion.
  • Seep requires virtually no set up and can be instantly repeated even with different cards.
  • Seep is easy to do and requires no difficult sleight of hand.
  • Seep comes with instructions, special gimmick and multiple handlings and performance variations.


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