Zane's Magic Shop News Feed Blog - 2017

(06/05/2017) Just to let you know I have a brand new product soon to be released called 'Mind Reading Express Deck' by Zane in Bicycle stock and with Zane's professional routine included. This is an amazing deck of trick cards enabling you to read several peoples minds by naming their thought of cards very quickly and for the last card this proves to have been predicted from the start! (This makes this routine ideal for 'strolling magic') It is very easy to do and packs a heck of a wallop! Price will be around 20.00. I will let you know more details about the product nearer the time of the releash and once we have the decks in stock ready to send out to our customers. This product will be due for release sometime in June.

Zane's Magic Shop News Feed Blog - 2016

(01/08/2016) I recently released my new project, which is a DVD dedicated solely to magic tricks and stunts using magnets. The DVD is called 'The PK magnet DVD by Zane'. On this DVD you will learn the secrets to performing amazing PK Magic with magnets including an in-depth lesson on using my best selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'. Most of the tricks and stunts are easy to do and the DVD is ideal for the beginner to this fascinating branch of magic and if you already own a PK Magnet Kit then this DVD will really help you to learn how to usee the Kits properly. Infact this is the first DVD of it's kind available to buy. Having sold many of my PK Magnet Kits, I realized that as all the kits available only come with written instructions a DVD was needed! The price of the DVD is only 19.99 and it is packed with material using different methods and techniques and good advice. It also includes effects and advice using the popular 'PK Magnet Ring'. I am very pleased with the favorable response it has already had. Find in 'PK Magic' category.

Zane's Magic Shop News Feed Blog - 2015

(11/03/2015) Today is the release of my latest magic trick/product I call 'InterFlora Card' - This trick is highly original and most charming and magicial! Best of all the method is easy to do thanks to the special gimmicks you receive. Also for a limited time Zane's Magic Shop is giving away a FREE matching Phoenix Deck so you will have everything you need to perform this amazing trick! The price is 19.99 and available to buy now!. I will produce a promo video for it as soon as I can get the time but rest assured you will love performing this trick! It is the perfect Wedding trick or for any romantic type situation! This is one card trick the ladies do love!

Zane's Magic Shop News Feed Blog - 2014

(01/10/2014) My brand new trick/product is releashed today called 'The Genie in a bottle trick' by Zane. This is very reasonably priced at 16.99. I think you will all really like this very commercial and charming trick with lots of fun interaction with your spectators. It comes with props and detailed instructions with lots of advice on performing the trick! Every magician should have a genie in a bottle! Please take a look at the product pages to find out all about it and to purchase it if you wish. I hope to film a video demo for it very soon!

(21/08/2014) Zane's Magic Shop is very pleased to say that the US wholesaler Murphys Magic Supplies inc have purchased our new trick 'Blackjack Surprise' and are now selling it to magic shops worldwide! This says a lot for a trick when it gets their approval. You can check it out in several of our product pages.

(25/06/2014) The latest magic trick from Zane's Magic Shop 'Blackjack Surprise' by Alisdair Chisholm and Zane is releashed today and now available to buy! (Find in 'Zane's Tricks' and other categories). We will have a video demo of this soon!

(22/05/2014) I am very pleased to say that Zane's Magic shop will soon be releashing a Brand new product! A mindblowing triple prediction routine called 'Black Jack Surprise'. This is a very well thought out commercial and astonishing Mentalism routine with a Vegas Casino theme and yet it is easy to do! It comes complete with all the props needed, Casino Chips, SpecialLY Printed Cards etc and easy to follow detailed instructions for the reasonable price of 24.99. Details comming soon...

(22/05/2014) The next Magic convention Zane's Magic Shop will be appearing at will be the 'The Magic Circle Dealers Day' on the 25th October 2014!

(2/07/2013) I have just launched my brand new magic product called 'Mental Blank Deck', which is available to buy from the website now! I am very pleased with this product and can certainly vouch for it's effectiveness having performed the trick in my act before releashing it! It is a clever and unique specially created gimmick deck in Bicycle stock for a fantastic easy to do Mental/Magic routine that's included in the easy to follow instructions. Zane's Magic Shop is keeping this product as an exclusive for the time being!

(2/07/2013) The next Magic convention Zane's Magic Shop will be appearing at will be the Buxton IBM Convention in Setember 2013. Also Zane will be performing in the Gala Banquet Show on the Friday Night. Hope to see you there!

(2/07/2013) Don't forget to check out 'Zane's Bargains' each week. We have just added TEN Fantastic Tricks and DVD's, which have been greatly reduced in price, some up to a whopping 50% off the RRP price - so please take a look and grab yourself a bargain. Come back each to see what new discounted tricks we have there!

(24/01/2013) Also just to let you know Zane's PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0 is now available to buy. You can find this fantastic product in 'New Tricks', 'Zane's Tricks' and 'PK Magic' categories. There are more accessories added plus the instructions have been updated with more ideas for you!


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