Ten (by Richard Sanders)

Product Description


The Effect:

  • The magician says "Did you know that card tricks are rated on a scale from 1-10? This next trick was rated a 10 by the Magicians Association of America!!"
  • Two jokers are placed in the spectator's hand and two jokers are kept in the magician's hand.
  • The magician touches his jokers to the spectator's and claims that they have changed places.
  • "Okay, you are probably wondering why this trick was rated a ten?"
  • The spectator and the magician turn their cards over at the same time revealing that all the cards have changed into four tens!

A super practical miracle you can carry in your pocket or wallet!

  • It's super easy to perform!
  • Easy rest for table hopping!
  • The four cards never leave the spectator's sight!
  • Only 4 cards used...no deck to carry!


  • Special cards.
  • Card wallet.
  • 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet.

What People Are Saying:

"Ten is so clean, it's like washing your hands with anti-bacterial gel." - David Acer

“Richard Sanders has a spiffy new effect out called "Ten."
It is super clean, visual, and the "sleights" are bare minimal, and totally basic, leaving much room for presentation.
As for learning time, well, you could get this really down pat in a half hour. The reset is a snap! Just a couple seconds "on the fly", and you are good to go again. I believe you could easily adapt this to walk-around with little problem! Thisis definitely going into my set!
I have to rate this effect, (what else?) a TEN!
Get it, and enjoy!!” - Doug, The Magic Cafe


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