Nest of Boxes (Wooden) by Daytona Magic - Trick

Product Description

The classic Ring in Nest of Boxes!

This happens fast and seems UNBELIEVEABLE! On the table in full view is a large 6" high, ribbon tied wood box. A borrowed finger ring or marked coin is made to vanish and the box opened. Inside is another sealed box, inside that another, then a small padlocked box which any spectator may open.. inside is found the vanished ring or marked coin!

Great routine for the stage or cabaret magician! Always entertains and amazes! This version makes it a doddle to perform!

Comes with four excellent quality nested wooden boxes tied individually with different coloured ribbon. The final box is a Lippencott Box with a padlock plus instructions!

For The ring vanish it is recommended you use a 'Ring Vanishing Hankerchief'. Sold separately! (See link below)

Shipping Costs from the USA included!

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