Hopping Coin Set - 10p/2p Version (Superior Quality) - Trick

Product Description

You show a 10 pence and a 2 pence coin in your hand. You place the 10p in your pocket, but when you open your hand, both coins are still there!

You repeat the effect with the 2p, and the same happens. You now put the 10p in your pocket, but amazingly, when you open your hand, the two coins are still there. You now take the 2p, and again place this in your pocket, and get the spectator to blow on your closed hand. When you now open it, the 10p has VANISHED.

A super clean self-working coin miracle, that looks like real magic, but is so simple to perform.

This one is a superb quality set as it is crafted using British currency by a top craftsman and is supplied with expanded 10p and 2p shells making it great value.

Available in different versions also including 2.00/2p set (Please contact us for details).

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