Copy Cash with DVD (by Peter Eggink)

Product Description

Comes with printed bills/notes; Dollars, Euros & Pounds!

The Effect:

  • Fold a blank piece of paper in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighth's.
  • Without any moves, sleights, thumb tips etc the blank piece of paper VISUALLY turns into a $20 bill! (or euro or pound).
  • The $20 is unfolded and shown on BOTH SIDES.
  • Something's wrong, this is only photocopy of a $20 bill.
  • Again fold the photocopy in half, quarters and eighth's.
  • Again no moves of ANY KIND. The photocopy VISUALLY turns into a REAL $20 bill!.
  • Unfold the $20 bill and show it on BOTH SIDES.
  • Resets in 2 seconds.

Learn from Mark Mason with the instructional DVD Included with Copy Cash. Two brilliant handling's are taught step by step on the DVD. Once you watch the DVD you can make this up in any currency in the world in 5 minutes. Comes with DVD, blanks and specially printed bills in pounds, dollars and euros.

You will love copy cash!

Completely impossible! - you decide, watch the video clip!


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