Intuition (With Cards and DVD) by Hondo and David Leon

Product Description

"The best (BEEP)ing prediction at any number I have ever seen!"
- Keith Barry, Professional Magician.

The Effect:

There are many great routine possibilities, the following is just one example!

  • The Magician lays down a sealed envelope and a pack of cards.
  • The Magician asks the spectator to choose a number between 1 and 52. They can change their mind if they like.
  • The spectator is instructed to pick up the deck of cards and take the cards out of the box. (The magician doesn't touch the cards). They are instructed to deal the cards face down until they get to their chosen number. They take their card and set it aside. They deal the rest of the cards down showing it is a complete deck.
  • The spectator turns over his selected card to see what he chose. The remaining deck is spread out to show that their card is not duplicated in the deck and the deck is normal.
  • The spectator opens the envelope and pours out what is inside. They will find another card face down. When they turn over this card it will match their chosen card!

Some features of this trick:

  • Free choice of number
  • Spectator handles the deck and deals the cards
  • Prediction is examinable
  • Prediction can be a card, written on paper, a tattoo, etc.
  • Easy to do
  • No sleight of hand

Comes complete with:

  • DVD instruction
  • Bonus routine options
  • PDF written instructions in English and Spanish
  • Custom made deck of Bicycle cards


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