Pea Can - Aluminum by Ickle Pickle - Trick

Product Description

Once again available from Ickle Pickle products.

Effect: A spectator is asked to select one of three items: a pea, a bean or a piece of popcorn.

All three are put inside a small "Magic Peas" can and plugged with the cork.

The spectator is asked to hold out his hand and concentrate on the item he selected.

You then open up the container and state, "You were thinking of...the pea!" and pour "liquid" out into his hand! (You can use your imagination)

Or you can say that you will cause the bean to change into a pea..."oops wrong kind of pea"!

Very simple to perform!

Good quality. Made in Aluminum.

Somewhat risque but a great little pocket effect.

Always gets a laugh!

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