Behind The 8-Ball (by Jay Sankey)

Product Description

Sankey LogoA fun routine for the classic Two In The Hand, One In The Pocket. It combines a little word play with a lot of magic to create a nifty piece of close up that is sure to be remembered.

The Effect:

  • You approach your audience with a closed fist and ask someone to guess what's inside.
  • Finally, you tell them..."8 balls!".
  • With that you open your hand to reveal three miniature 8 Balls.
  • You place one ball in your pocket and then close your hand around the other two.
  • In a wink, your hand is opened to reveal.....8 balls, but three instead of two!
  • Again, you place a ball in your pocket and again it appears back in your h and!
  • Finally, you try one more time.
  • But this time when you open your hand there's only one ball... but it's a FULL SIZE REPLICA OF AN 8 BALL!


This is a classic routine with a eye popping finish that never fails to receive a strong response.

Comes complete with the full routine and handling, as well as all the special balls for creating this amazing piece of magic. A real steal!

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