The Ace Detective Coin (By Zane)

Product Description


The Effect:

A card is freely selected, and signed if you wish, and then returned to the deck, which is then shuffled.  The magician states that he is not going to attempt to find their missing card but has hired a detective instead.  A two pence piece then appears out of nowhere, which he claims is ‘The Detective Coin’... “It’s a copper!” (Ha, Ha).  The cards are placed into the card case and the coin is placed on top of it…“Its on the case!” (More Ha, Ha’s). The Detective coin then disappears as it is tossed towards the case in search of the missing card.   IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!  BOTH HANDS CAN BE SEEN COMPLETELY EMPTY IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS!

The deck is then removed from the case and when the cards are spread 'The Detective Coin' is seen on top of a card in the centre of the deck!  The suspense mounts as the spectator turns this card over to reveal to everyone’s amazement that IT IS INDEED THE SELECTED CARD!! 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!   The magician then says: “It sure is an Ace Detective…. LOOK!   HERE’S THE FOUR ACE’S!”  No sooner than this is said the magician turns over the two cards either side of it to reveal THE FOUR ACES!!!

  • Easy to do as the gimmicks supplied do most of the work for you!
  • The gimmick for vanishing the coin makes it a piece of cake!
  • Instant re-set!  Great for table-hopping!
  • The handling is super clean and the routine can be learnt very quickly thanks to the clear instructions and the photographic illustrations!
  • Not only do you receive all the necessary gimmicks to perform this very visual coin & card effect but you also get Zane’s excellent entertaining routine with lots of bonus ideas included FREE!

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